About Weddings and elopements…

with Carly + Alex

You don’t need a reception.
You don’t need a church.
You don’t need a white dress.
You don’t need a Tuxedo.
You don’t need a gazillion people around you.
You don’t need personalized napkins or cups.
You don’t need makeup.
You don’t even need shoes.

What you actually need is:

To stop your lives for a day, to commit to each other.
You need a deep understanding of love.
The commitment with yourself first, that you will love your significant other despite their failures and mistakes, you will love them at their worse, even more than they can love themselves.

To express each other’s expectations and promises.

To make an effort to wear something that makes you feel special
That can mean, a puffy dress, flowers, a tux, high heels, makeup, or no makeup, a big hair, or a shaved head.
Feeling special will help you understand that you are indeed special, and acknowledging your worth in a relationship will help you through the tough times.

…And although technically, you could go without a photographer, I need to tell you that you totally need one. The pictures will help you remember what love feels like, the day when you loved the most.