Elopement in Schenley Park, Pittsburgh

The day we stopped our busy lives, to commit to a life together.

Jackie + David

Jackie and Dave had been together for ten years. They decided it was time to make it official and get married, yay! .... but when looking into it the idea of getting married, having a traditional wedding didn't resonate with them. 
Weddings are expensive, and not everyone is comfortable with the traditional aspects of a wedding. Months of planning, a day full of attention, and pretentious spending is a challenge that not everyone wants to handle, so Jackie and David decided to elope right here, in Pittsburgh.

The day began with a haircut at the Humble Barber. The best thing about weddings is that they bring people together to spend a good time, and the appointment of David and his dad were just that, a great bonding time between father and son.

After that, it was time to head to the hotel and get ready. They chose to get ready at the Parador Inn, the cutest bed and breakfast in the north side, and to have subs from a local deli for lunch. 

After everyone ate, and got ready, we head to Schenley Park.

One of the best things about this wedding is that everything was purposely meaningful, and the place chosen for the ceremony was one of the trees Jackie and Dave would spend time at the beginning of their relationship, reading, and enjoying nature.

The ceremony guests were only the two sets of parents and 2 (really good) musicians and friends of the couple.

The groom and his family arrived first to prepare the "altar", where the ceremony would take place. A space full of meaningful objects, representative of the 10 years of relationship they had.

In a simple self uniting ceremony, Dave and Jackie promise each other love, friendship, and companionship, and after the ceremony, the best man joined with an emotional speech via facetime. 

It was a beautiful day (thanks Pittsburgh's weather!) loaded with emotions for this introverted couple who found that committing to each other just in front of just each other was the best decision for them, and I agree: Less stuff and more meaning!

Congratulations Jackie and David!