Elopement in Valparaiso, Chile

Chile is amazing. But there is a town in the middle of the country that is my refuge when I feel tired, when I feel I lack creativity, but most of all, It is the only place that makes me feel home. 

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Let me tell you about my favorite Chilean town…

Only two hours from Santiago, the capital, Valparaíso spreads across a series of hillsides that form a natural amphitheater overlooking the sea. 

With houses climbing Its hills like in kaleidoscopic colors, for years has welcomed poets, artist, singers, and every possible bohemian soul. This is what makes Valparaíso the lively, hip, artsy, and inspiring town it is. The culture comes out through the architecture, style, street art, night life, and live music.

Vivi + Rodrigo

Rodrigo and Vivi grew up there. 

So did I. In fact, Vivi’s mom was classmates with my own mom all through high school. 

Vivi met Rodrigo through her brother. 

You know, the little nosy sister that shows up when the friends of the brother come to visit. 

Well, one day the little sister was not so little anymore, and when that happened, love exploded between these too, and with that, some drama rolled on, as Vivi’s traditional parents were panicking that their little daughter was dating a guy almost 10 years older! 

Luckily, time made Vivi’s family realize these 2 loved each other. 

They now share a life together, a business called Portales Fit, the first outdoor Functional Training (aka Crossfit) and a love stronger and tougher than the marathons they like to run.

They decided to have this bridal session to make their parents believe they had eloped. 

I heard there were at least 2 heart attacks after the pictures arrived, ha!. Just kidding … nobody got hurt ;)
Take a look below to “my hood”…