Easter pictures with live animals

I was naive.
Two days ago I thought this year, photographers had gotten their shit together and finally had given up taking pictures with live props.

After years of advocacy, of telling people why are pictures with bunnies NOT a good idea, I really thought this was it, this year was no longer necessary for me to preach to the chorus.



Small animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducklings, are babies, and as any other baby they are fragile.
Last year I wrote a blog about the dangers of using live props (read it HERE) .
This year as a photographer, rabbit advocate, and pet owner, I urge you to


Stop paying to people who doesn't understand basic principles of business,
animal ownership, and photography.

Once the photographer is done with the "props", the rabbit will end at the local shelter where most likely will be euthanized.
Only you have the power to prevent this.