Dubrovnik, Croatia - Couple's Photo Session

I was able to visit the incredible coastal town of Dubrovnik in Croatia before attending The Fearless Photographers conference, a wedding photography conference that takes place every winter in a different part of Europe.

I arrived to Dubrovnik at 2am, it was raining, and there were not many people around. I was not sure where I was, but the taxi left me far away and gave me instructions on how to get to my Hostel.
WOW! What a treasure to my eyes it was to experience the immensity and the wonders of this place!.
It was like a medieval city made out of brown shiny marble, full of small narrow passages, Dubrovnik is possibly one of the most impactful places I have visited.


Vildana + Davor

During my stay there, I had the luck to photograph a beautiful couple.
Vildana and Davor, had a photo session that helped them reconnect with their romanticism after their first baby. 
Vildana currently is a stay at home mom, who works from home for an American company based in Boston. Davor works in IT and is an ex-politician. 
With them, I not only took pictures, but they shared with me a little of the story of the town, the best passages, and we also talked about the current economics of Croatia. It was so so cool, and I am so grateful I was able to do this!