"A Pizza Of Your Heart" in Downtown Pittsburgh

Megan + Josh

Megan and Josh are a couple who has been together for five years. 
They met working at Sears, and at first, they did not like each other, luckily this is now part of their past.
So it was time to take this moment of happiness and love and capture it for the future. No wedding, no engagement, no ring required to tell the world "we love eachother, and we are happy".

This is why Megan who is a fellow photographer at Inside Rein Images reached out to me, to have what I call a "Memento session" which is simply a reminder of this stage in their lives.

Screenshot 2017-11-23 02.26.57.png

Megan and Josh are into The Penguins & the Steelers, animals, pizza, Pittsburgh, and Christmas, and through this session, we included all of that.
Take a peek!


I want to give Megan a shout.  She "tipped" me with a donation on my name to  Beagle Freedom Project, an organization that creates awareness and rescue animals used for lab testing.
This was not only unrequested but very thoughtful since I am a fearless advocate to end animal testing, and an avid supporter of cruelty-free products.
Thank you, Megan and Josh, for hiring me, and for such a generous gift <3