Dog Bless America

Today is the 4th of July, and I'm only a few days short of my anniversary of coming to America. That is the reason for the title of this blog post....
"Dog Bless America" was the first item I bought in this country, not a coffee, not a food. It was a fascinating  book made by Jeff Selis, with pictures and stories from dogs in all 50 states. 
Back then, my understanding of english was limited to the words "Hello, yes, and thank you" so I couldn't really read the book, but the book was full of pictures of dogs from all 50 states, taken with a polaroid camera.

Almost 11 years later, I am here celebrating the birthday of my own dogs, Rosa and Shakira, that today turn TEN!

In celebration of that, I decided to have a little photoshoot with them. 
You see, the colors of both, the chilean and the american flag are the same: red, white, and blue; so I figured it would be great to have elements with those colors for our photoshoot.
I bought dogs tutus, balloons, and accessories.

I thought the PPG place in downtown Pittsburgh would make a great background for the pictures, especially since there is a cool looking fountain, now, during the summer.
What was I thinking!?
 We got out of the car, and when the dogs realized there was water in the vicinity, they got terrified.

I spent nearly half an hour trying to make them sit down.... unsuccessfully.
They never sat down, never looked at me, and I never got a decent picture. Instead, they took every pawsible opportunity to take off running.... Lol.

I thought, oh well, I'll try again.... but after some thoughts I decided to embrace these pictures with all the story that they involve. THESE are my dogs, imperfect, scared of everything, terrified of the water, and balloons blowing in the wind, and for the years to come, I'll remember them just like this :)


Happy Birthday
Rosa & Shakira!