Destination wedding 2016

A few days ago I received a request for an extreme destination wedding in the Patagonia. I was not sure where exactly it would be (the Patagonia can be pretty big), but today I finally learned where and why....
The groom is an Argentinian diplomatic, trying to run away from the media. The bride is a nomad who works for the United Nations.
I performed a Google search for the destination and Google says it takes "20 hours away on an airplane, AND additional unknown transportation would be required".
That is probably because it is such a remote island, in the middle of a high altitude lake, in the Andes mountains. It takes: 2 airplanes, one bus, a car and a boat ride ; and total of THREE DAYS for the trip.

I am soooo excited I cannot wait for it :D

My destination is Isla Victoria, ARGENTINA!