Dear Vogue

I just read your article "10 wedding rules to break" and as the rule breaker that I am I was all excited to read, until it said....

-. Rules to break: "Hiring a Professional Photographer"

You might think that, of course I am going to refute this because I am someone who wants to make money out of the wedding industry, but you are wrong. First of all let me address that if I wanted to make money I would be a lawyer, a doctor, or a drug dealer, like El Chapo, but definitely not a photographer; however, the main reason why I disagree with you is because ....    

I am someone who did not hire a photographer for her wedding :(


I know, I know... and I regret it.

But before you start speculating the kind of hypocrite I am for telling everyone that they need a photographer, yet I didn't hire one, let me present my case:

My family was not there, my friends were not there, and all the things every girl dreams for their wedding were also missing, therefore, I did not want to celebrate it at all.

All I really wanted was this ceremony to be done with so I could get my *immigration situation resolved and get married in Chile, where I wanted it to be.

Meanwhile, I was refusing any kind of celebratory tradition. My fiance, Nick, decided to invite his "close relatives", which in the woods of western Pennsylvania translates into **BANG!** 100+ people!
Then the mother in law wanted food... then someone else brought decorations.... Long story short, my wedding was happening in a way I did not envision, and instead of embracing it, I refused any memory of it, and no photographer was hired.

Dear Vogue, let me present you with the very few pictures I have from my wedding. Images that, as you suggest, break the rule of hiring a Professional Photographer:

(note, the very last picture  is from the day we went to pick up the marriage license, I remember not liking how pale I was, so after that day I fake tanned myself for the next 3 weeks... yay!... not, lol)

Now friends, I hope these images convince you to burn the Vogue magazine and to
hire a professional photographer.

At the end of the day, don't be like me, embrace your life and treasure the events in it because any memory is always better than no memory at all.

If you are not familiar with my story: I came as an exchange student in 2006 to be near my "long distance relationship"  fiance.
After a couple of weeks, my host family turned into a family from hell and dumped me in the middle of nowhere near Philadelphia. After that, my only option was to return back home (which defeated the purpose of my trip) so instead, the fiance and I decided to get married in an unexpected and not planned small backyard ceremony in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

DISCLAIMER: For the grammar nazi cringing over my poor grammar and the typos above, sorry, this is part of my lack of english skills, remember I am foreign (me no habla inglish muy good, Gracias for understanding.)