I have always been crafty. Well, let me elaborate on that...

I was born in a third world country, during the 80’s.
My father was in the military and my mother was that, a mother. We didn’t have a lot, especially considering that my country was ruled by a dictatorship that kept things to a minimum. 

When the rest of the world enjoyed things like music, clothes, or food; my country did not enjoy the privilege of freedom. All those things I mentioned before were forbidden, cassettes,  jeans, or coffee beans were not allowed to be imported in, among many other items. 

When you grow up like that, you get creative for pretty much everything, and what you over here call “ being crafty” , for me was just being poor.

Growing up poor allowed me to develop the capability to create things, to transform A into B, to make new things out of old things, and to live the Artsy Dumpster Hoarder lifestyle (don’t laugh), also known as Upcycling.

I like creating things that show off my personality, and I like inspiring others to do the same.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the task of decorating a wall in the Wedding Factory, the office I co rent with other local wedding creatives. I knew I had to display some of my work, but buying a canvas, and hanging just that seemed so impersonal, anyone can do that. Instead, I wanted to show off that I love the people I work with, and I love the pictures I take.

A quick walk to my garage filled me up with ideas, and this is the first thing I created


  • One awesome sign that reads something cool.
  • One old beat up window 
  • A piece of burlap, big enough to cover the back of said frame.
  • Cheap yarn and a carpet needle.
  • Black chalk paint
  • Canvas prints big enough to cover each slot of the window frame


As you can see, anyone can create a display. 
The top sign was purchased locally at Hot Haute Hot
The window frame was given to me by a friend who was tearing down an old house, and I painted it with the chalk paint, just to even out the color.
And the unstretched canvas is one of the many products I sell.

I used 11x14 because it is one of the cheapest sizes. I bought them during a sale, so I saved a little bit by purchasing 4. 

I hope this allows you to get inspired to create your own personalized displays.

Get crafty, and decorate your world with your own personality :)