Children's Museum + Randyland, a Pittsburgh wedding straight out of my dreams


I had an amazing year in which I photographed some amazing couples, and Joe and Megan were simply the cherry on top.

This last couple proved to me what life is really about, loyalty, compassion, and selfless love.

During the wedding I learned how Joe had been diagnosed with cancer shortly after meeting Megan, and I learned how Megan stayed with Joe through all of this… Did I mentioned they are SUPER young? Megan could have run away after Joe’s diagnosis, but she decided to stick around and this is how their relationship started (awwww <3).

To celebrate their love story, this beautiful couple got married in a ceremony at Duquesne, then stopped for pictures at my MOST favorite Pittsburgh place, the palace of color and happiness: Randyland, where Randy the owner, was kind enough to let us take some pictures and he obviously jumped in a few as well (Thanks, Randy!).

From the time I first visited Randyland I have dreamed to photograph a wedding there. This was a dream come true for me, and I couldn’t have asked for a better couple and their friends to fulfill this dream.

The reception was held at the Children’s Museum, and OMG! What a place for a party that was!  We walked around the museum to take a few more portraits, right before Big Burrito Catering (the happiest catering team I have witnessed) called us to eat.

Joe and Megan were generous enough to donate the leftover foods from the dinner to the homeless people I visit after every wedding, and that night, their generosity was able to feed  14 people and 1 dog :)

After the dinner, Dj Jski from Modern Era Weddings KILLED IT with the music. At first, I thought nobody would dance, but to be honest, anytime I go to a wedding where DJ Jski from Modern Era is in charge there is a FIESTA IN DA HOUSE. Even the catering team and I were dancing by the end.

And speaking of dancing, the couple decided to do a bridal dance where the money collected was donated to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation and to the Parkinson Foundation of Western PA

It was a joyful ending to a beautiful celebration.

I loved being a part of their day, and I particularly love how this couple took every one of my suggestions to produce social impact with their wedding day. It was truly such an honor to document their day.


Congratulations Megan and Joe on finding each other, on a beautiful love story, but most of all, for the wonderful story that you are writing together.


Behind the scene:

All my love and gratitude to the Big Burrito Catering team for allowing us to distribute the leftovers from the dinner, for packing it for us, but most of all, for doing it with a cheerful heart and the biggest of the smiles I have ever witnessed <3.

Oh, and by the way, I attest that the food was finger licking good :)