Nagymezo Utca

Wedding Photography ruined my life as a traveler. Yes, I know it's a weird statement, but let me explain.
Ever since I began documenting couples, my vision of everything has completely changed. Before I would travel and enjoy sights, animals, wildlife, and people like a normal tourist, but since I became a wedding photographer I can no longer see places in the same way anymore. Now I visit locations and all I can see is how gorgeous a couple would look here or there, and that is exactly what happened when I walked into our old Air BNB in Budapest.
The minute I saw that building in Nagymezo Utca 25, I needed a couple to photograph, that is how I ended up photographing Roberto and Zsanette, who had recently gotten engaged during a trip to Rome.
Roberto, it's a violin player, who has played with famous musicians, in fact, his violin is signed by none other than André Rieu
Roberto and Zsanette met when he was 18 and she was 15, and they laughed when I told them it would've been illegal over here.
Regardless the cultural differences and the massive language barrier, we managed to take a few pictures right where I envisioned, as soon as I walked into the building.