I'm getting old(er)

April 11th is my Birthday!...

Usually, I hide my birthday because I don't like aging. So when you know my birthday date, you are part of a secret friendship society, surrounding a secret that nobody talks about, but we are all well aware of... lol.

In case you didn't know, I was born 35 years ago, right in the middle of the night, at 1:13 am, in a military hospital in Valparaiso, a coastal town, right in the middle of Chile.
I am the first born to a couple who had 2 more children, and later on divorced, right before they [almost] killed each other.

Growing up among crazies, and during a military coup was interesting, and it shaped my life, giving me two natural abilities that define who I am: One, is my fearless ability to ridiculize myself, and second, is my passionate desire to help others.
So, for this birthday, I decided to put both together and leave my fear of aging behind.

I hired a luxury photographer with THIRTEEN years of experience who could capture my soul in pictures, and I teamed up with Heartfully the wedding registry that gives back, to set up a birthday registry to help others.

If you were thinking of sending me a card, forget the card! and share the birthday sentiment by chipping $5 to wish me a
Feliz Cumpleaños, and together, let's give others the ability to continue a healthy life (click below!)


Thanks to the generosity of ten people, we were able to gather $261 dollars, which were donated to "Htoo" a 10 year old who is waiting to fund a surgery that will remove a large tumor from his face. Learn his story here


Thank you SOOOOO much!