Bar Marco Wedding | Editorial Photoshoot

My role as a media producer:

When I became a wedding photographer, I made a tacit commitment with myself.
As a media producer, I was in the position to continue making the same images everyone else did, or to produce images that most were overlooking.
I don't have to tell you the answer, right?
Media loves to show us white skinny people having lavish celebrations of love, but what happens to the rest of us?
Media loves to pretend as if nobody else was getting married, as if other bodies, races, and looks didn't matter.
So I committed myself to portray the rest of us, the forgotten ones, the ones nobody was showing. 

Every year I produce an editorial photoshoot that portrays love without boundaries, beyond differences, and beyond looks; because after all, we don't fall in love of the look, we fall in love of what's behind that.


Planning by Devoted To You
Hair and Makeup by the fantastic Colton Delong
Dress by the amazing Kata Banko
Groom's wardrobe by The Groomsman Suit
Edibles from my favorite Pittsburgh vegan place, Relish Co
Venue Bar Marco Pittsburgh
Photographer, yours truly, Sandrachile assisted by the talented Jenni Grace