Furry Couple Session, During Anthrocon

Every year, a parade of colorful fluffy "animals" invades "dahntahn" Pittsburgh, as our city hosts the largest convention of Furry Fandom in the world. 

Furry fandom is an artistic and literary genre that is practiced and enjoyed by tens of thousands worldwide, and I met with these two artists, Lacey & Ethan, who traveled all the way from Syracuse, New York to spend a few days enjoying the hobby that brought them together (this and video games).

This real life couple decided to defy the 83 degree weather, and hit the street with us all suited up for a romantic photo session on Strawberry Way. 

Their characters are "Angel Dragons", named Aero and Zumi, and were made by a combination of professionals of the Anthrocon world and themselves. 


Why would someone be into cartoon animals? Isn’t that unusual?

If we look at the world around us, we will see that anthropomorphized animals are an integral part of our culture. We use them to represent our political parties. We talk to our dogs. We cheer for mascots—anthropomorphic animals dressed in team uniforms—at our favorite sporting events.
General public may be unaware that it is only in the last forty years that cartoons and cartoon animals have been relegated to the world of children.
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and their ilk were once targeted primarily to an adult audience, their productions filled with innuendo and biting political satire.
Fans of anthropomorphics today simply have not forgotten those roots. The average Furry fan is cast from the same mold as the science fiction or sword-and-sorcery fan; all of us imagine strange and thrilling worlds and try to picture ourselves living in those worlds.

Learn more in their website anthrocon.org