75 Rabbits in Need After Owner Dies

If you are in this website, whether its the first time or not, just by one quick look around you can realize I like rabbits.

 If you know me just a little bit, you probably heard the words "Rabbit Wranglers" more than a few times.
I am a huge rabbit advocate and these Rabbit Wrangler folks are very dear to my heart.
They not only advocate for Rabbits in general, but they specially care for the sick and injured ones, those ones nobody really cares much about.

This past Saturday, Rabbit Wranglers held their annual art auction, and I was lucky enough to photograph them for a second year in a row.
And this Monday evening,they made it to the local news for helping 75 bunnies from Grove City PA, after their owner passed away.


Down the Rabbit Hole.

Rabbit Wranglers Auction

Digital downloads of the images are available at the full gallery store, 50% of print purchase, of this collection will be donated to Rabbit Wranglers.
If you want to donate straight to them (tax deductible), you may do so through their direct link

Thank you :)