5 things about Sandrachile the photographer

1 - I can't keep a straight face, and I'm terribly inappropriate. (soooo NOT a good mix).

2-. I suck at business. I try really REALLY hard to present myself like professional, but I just want to be Oprah and give everything away for free.

3-. My favorite food is Artichokes. and growing up I used to dream of getting married with a bouquet of artichokes instead of flowers.... It never happened :(

4- In Chile, higher education is usually paid by your parents.
When it was my time to go to college, my dad tried to influence my decision and push me to go to Photography school. Photography tuition was expensive, plus the books, cameras, lenses....  I felt bad to make my dad pay for that and chose Multimedia instead, where all I needed was a computer.
Now every time I upload a picture to Facebook my dad post the same comment: " I wish I would have pushed harder so you could've gone to photography school instead, but you were always looking after me".
The bad part is that now I've had to work twice as hard to learn what I did not learn if I had gone to Photography school. But the the good news is that I learn 3 times as much photoshop than any other photographer knows so I'm ahead of the game in that department, and I have been a mentor for other photographers in terms of editing techniques.

I have a secret full time job, where I also take pictures, I talk about infertility and coordinate facebooks, twitters, pinterests and all kinds of social media for 4 different countries, in 3 different languages, and 5 different time zones.