I'm homesick, does that ever happen to you?.
I get homesick when I'm sad, and today its been a long gray day for me...
Last night Rosa, my dog,  started bleeding uncontrollably, which ended in an emergency surgery and she is currently hospitalized.

If you follow me in this journal or social media, you are well aware of how much my pets mean to me. If you don't, let me update you a little bit: My pets are my children and I am a VERY overprotective mom.
I am still sad, despite Rosa being out of danger. I guess to be confronted so close with death, made me feel sad. I decided to watch what takes my homesickness away...

Thank you Rahela Jagric, for such a colorful group of images that captured exactly all the colors my heart needed today!

... and please say a prayer so my Rosa feels better soon.