Happy birthday America!

The very first thing I bought when I arrived to America was a book. 
This book had pictures of dogs from all over the country, photographed in every state. It was called "Dog Bless America".
Where I was coming from, dog's weren't as "pampered" as they are here, so I was amused by this book, filled with pictures of dogs all over the country, in costumes, with props, flags, being loved beyond everything I had seen before.

8 years later, it seems like the book, purchased on July of 2006 was a prophecy of my future: Dogs, America, Photography and celebration.

My Rosa and My Shakira, have become my ultimate divas. We take them everywhere, we dress them, we photograph them and off course, we celebrate their birthday, which by the way, is July 4th.

God bless America, and all the dogs :)


HAPPY BARKDAY To My Princesses !!!

Sandrachile, Photographer of humans and non humans. 
Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Chile and beyond.