I hate pictures!. Nobody has heard that sentence more times than I have.

Culturally, Americans are a lot more reluctant than Chileans. In my home country, every time someone sees a camera, they immediately start posing, even if you didn’t ask or want it that way. In one of the last weddings I shot in Chile, people were so “cooperative” regarding posing, that they messed up all my artistic ideas, just because they would happily turn around towards me.
Here in America, to get a picture, you have to hunt people down and force them to give you a smile. But WHY? I have my own theory of why people act that way, and it's called "Self-consciousness".

I think being self conscious is a horrible feeling that blocks you from enjoying so many things , and  in order to fight that feeling, I have 2 pieces of  advice: One that tackles the emotional side, and the other tackles the physical one.


Emotional Side:: 

Make a list of the good things you have (both physical and emotional) and focus on that list. All my years in America I have been the target of racial jokes regarding my accent, and its hard to fight that feeling when you are doing your best to communicate, but hey! I do speak 2 languages, and therefore I have made the conscious decision to focus on the positive side of the list.



Fight self consciousness by looking spectacular in pictures. And no, I'm not talking about a getting a massive plastic surgery or showing off how skinny or toned your body is, I'm talking about embracing the way you look and making it look the best of the best.
In the same way some clothes can hide certain things or show off others, the way you present yourself in front of the camera can do the same.

3 ways to improve your appearance in pictures are:

>>> Lift Your Arm Sister!

You can correct a fatty pancake arm (like mine) by lifting it an inch or two so it is "floating" and not pressed against your body. Now Straighten your back: VOILA!


>>> Chicken neck!

This is my go to pose for all  my selfies, and also Kim Kardashian's!

Because no matter how skinny you are, if you stand relaxed you will always end up with a little bit of flab right underneath your chin due to the shadows. Correct it by pushing your head forward and your chin down, like a chicken!


>>> Model like a model!

When you put your hands on your hips, push your hands and fingers forward, towards your stomach.
This will accentuate the area, making you show off a great waist.


But over any of these tips, the most important thing is to smile! 

Source:: and "In Bed with Sue" by Sue Bryce