1 year, time to move on...

Hopping here, hopping there
Hopping everywhere
Oh what fun it is to watch
You frolicking through the air
Leaping here, leaping there
Leaping everywhere
Oh what fun it is to watch
You playing so happily.
— Ode to My Rabbit

Exactly one year ago, the saddest episode of my life took place.
Yeah, I am a strong person, who has put up with a lot of things, but when my bunnies died I suffered more than any other time before.

My bunnies were my family, the only ones who spent Christmas, New Year and Fourth of July with me. The ones who comforted and listened quietly when I needed to talk.
Yup, I know it is crazy, but when you don't have anyone else, your pets become listeners and witnesses of many things.

The bunnies got sick over the weekend and there was nobody with the knowledge around Johnstown to prevent this tragedy, and they couldn't make it till Monday.
When it happened, I promised myself to move. I still have pets, and I don't want the same situation ever happening again. Today one exact year after my promise, I have to announce that Sandrachile will be relocating to Monroeville PA. (two steps away from a 24/7 vet hospital).


I will continue to service Johnstown PA, because I have friends and family who tie me to the area, but I also plan to focus on servicing the Pittsburgh area from now on.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people in and around Johnstown who have helped me improve and develop what Sandrachile is and has become. You made possible a dream, and helped me overcome the sadness of losing 3 fur babies at once.