DIY for Father's Day

Father's day is around the corner and many of you are scratching your heads thinking what to give yours.

My dad lives 5121 miles away, 
so a phone call is all he gets.

For those who are currently looking for a nice present, and if your dad is into photography, Here is a cool DIY project to turn an old necktie into a glorious Camera Strap.


  • Necktie
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Pins
  • 1-inch wide ribbon or webbing
  • Two keychain rings or large split rings
  • Measuring tape



Start by measuring and cutting 27 inches from the tip of the necktie.


Fold up ½-inch on both ends (one end will be cut and the other will be pointed). Then, pin and stitch in place.


Cut two pieces of ribbon or webbing to 7.5 inches. Tip: If the ribbon or webbing is polyester you can burn the ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying.

Fold the ribbon pieces in half lengthwise and overlay it by 1 inch on the ends of the necktie. Pin in place. Stitch a square with an “x” in the middle securing the overlapped pieces together.