Happy Easter

Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.
— John 11:25 - The Bible

It has been a bitter sweet week.
I arrived to Chile excited to see my family and friends, and excited for the 2 weddings and the editorial work I will be doing in the upcoming weeks. 

Sadly, I was surprised by the unexpected passing of a friend, one I was particularly excited to talk to as we shared the passion for animals, and it was a recurrent subject for us.

He was a beloved firefighter, an incredible sportsman, a musician, and a vet.

It was hard for me to witness how upset his family was, specially his mom, but during the whole time I kept alive in my heart the hope for resurrection, a thought shared for those who believe in Jesus which we celebrate this weekend.

What would it be of our saddened hearts if we didn't have Jesus's mercy. Who died for our sins in the cross, only to allow us to resurrect altogether with other believers?

If it wasn't for Him, we would be perpetually sad, wondering about an afterlife.

Thank you God, for giving us your son!!

This are some of the images from the funeral. Since he was a firefighter, he received special honors and I was requested to photograph them.

This is the second time ever I photograph a funeral, but the first time I do it in Chile.

Happy Easter!

I hope each of you rejoices in knowing that Jesus defeated death and can give us all an eternal life if we believe in Him.