Dear unknown: 


While I am still abroad, I checked my email for one last time before embracing a new trip, and it was shocking to find somebody had written a bad review about my work. 

Sadly, the mysterious customer, who was so unhappy and advised others never to do business with me, was too "shy" to let me know of his/her dislike or to sign with a real name. 
The worst part is that the situation described in the review never happened. 

I have had two particular situations in which customer have requested corrections to the images, and I have provided them with a smile on my face, something that any other photographer would have charged per minute, I provide for free. 

I take pride in being a "friendtographer" and I do everything to remain friends with my customers, and to make them feel comfortable to express freely their feelings about my work. 

To the rest of you who hire me, or like my work, know that I am an artist, and as an artist I am 200% aware that not everybody will like my pictures all the time, and it is fine (I don't even like them all the time myself). If everybody would like everything all the time this world would be soooo boring! 
All of us have a style, which is why I have a portfolio that shows the way I work. I assume that if you hire me, you like my style and my work. 

I would never get mad about not liking my images, and I have never (and never will) denied to re edit images. 

In addition to that, I have never badmouthed anybody, it's unlike me, I  am not very active on facebook and most of the time I am too busy to talk about someone else. 

I hope next time somebody decides to leave a bad review about me, they can approach me before doing so. 

Take care :)

Love, Sandra.