I have been living in the United States of America for almost 10 years, and even when it seems like a long period of time, there are many things that I still don’t understand. Today I will talk about one:

"The 'Murican concept of Easter"

As a South American (I'm from Chile), Easter is a Christian/Catholic holiday, where the believers celebrate the resurrection of a savior named Jesus.
Then I moved up here, to this iconic Christian country, founded by Christians running away to become even more Christian, yet Easter around here is all about Bunnies, Peeps, and Ducklings…. in a sad abusive way :-/

As a photographer and rabbit advocate I need you to
Seriously, stop asking to use live animals as props


EVERYBODY kept saying:  "Since you are such a crazy rabbit lady, why don't you get some real rabbits for the pictures"...
.... ugh >_< (*facepalm*)

5 Reasons of why
Easter pictures with animals is NOT a good idea:

  1. First: This is 2015, using animals as props is simply outdated and old fashion. C’mon folks, have you been around Pinterest lately? 
    There are so many cool creative alternatives to the cheesy toddler holding little animals. If your photographer is offering you small critters, it means that photographer is cheap and sucks, because they are copycats who cannot come up with anything new and creative, so they rely in the boring traditional setting, and animals can be the cheapest prop available.

  2. Speaking of cheap. 
    Using live animals during a portrait session requires a permit. I can assure you it is not an easy permit to obtain as it requires many veterinary checks and vaccinations.
    In order to cut cost, many photographers simply bypass these regulations and do not get it, therefore they also bypass veterinary visit. 
    Poultry carries Salmonella, and a Rabbits can give your beloved toddler Tularemia (for your mental sanity, DON'T google those pictures!). Those two just to start because I don’t wanna mention the fact that your kid can get bitten, scratched, infected by fleas, ticks, or any other parasite that a not well taken care of animal can carry.
  3. How would your child react if they accidentally killed or damaged the animal?
    Small animals are very very fragile. I can’t emphasize enough, how complicated is to own a rabbit. I took every care and precaution, gave my rabbits the best I could, spoiled them to the extreme, yet from one day to another all 3 got suddenly sick and died in my arms in the most devastating experience I have ever gone through. 
    Bunnies as well as birds can get so scared from being handled that can die right there on the spot.
    For bunnies, a broken back, leg, or hip are a constant danger, and the excruciating cry they produce is an overwhelming experience, for me, and I am over 30 years old. Imagine if your kid has to witness that.
  4. As a responsible adult, the following one is the most important reason:
    Us, grown up humans, (like it or not) are here to teach and be an example. Using live props, teaches your children the wrong values. Animals are not toys, animals are not a commodity. Teach your children responsibility, commitment, compassion, and the value of life for living beings. If your child is able to learn this at an early age, he/she will become the best adult you could ever raise.
  5. Teach your children to be different. By doing the same things everybody else does, you are teaching them that things done by everybody else are OK to do, regardless if it'sdrugs, irresponsible sex, alcohol, Crystal Meth, Killing rabbits, etc, etc…

Dare to be different, Ditch the bad traditions and dare to share this article.

We are the only voice for the voiceless we will ever have.