I am not sure if it is wedding season, or simply love is in the air but I have been receiving lots of inquires regarding wedding photography.

Everybody has all kinds of crazy requests, and everybody is demanding different levels of customized services that sometimes puts unnecessary limits to creativity.


I was recently contacted for a couple who will be having [in their own words] an "enormous creative wedding".
If you are anything like me, you probably started jumping of curiosity right after you read "creative".

To me, anything that says creative attracts me like a fly to a watermelon in the summer... or a bat.

I would have done ANYTHING to photograph someone who describes as creative.

In fact, I would have done it for free, because sometimes the experience is more valuable than the actual money and I value those experiences.

More photographers, better service?

More photographers, better service?

The only thing between me and the creative wedding was the brides request for ... 2 shooters (aka a second photographer), a trend that I have being seeing a lot lately.


I normally do not offer a second photographer. I would If your wedding was a 500 people wedding, and I do not offer such service because most of my customers are seeking small intimate weddings.
But I also have some serious ninja sniper skills...

Despite my "multi-tasker talent", the couple decided not to hire me, and  without further questions, they ruled me out of the picture (bummer).


that motivated me to write this blog.


I think we are too used to the grab and go style, but things tend to be different when it comes to creative services.
Even when experiences don't pay the bills, sometimes some of us are still willing to work for the experience, or to work

To all the people out there looking for a photographer: never close a door without negotiating and researching, approach your photographer and talk things out, remember at the end of the day, you never get what you don't ask for.