Traveling Adventures

As a part of a new year's resolution, I took the Veganuary pledge, and today I have been vegan for 14 full days!!

I definitely feel accomplished, despite of been vegetarian for a while,  veganism has been a completely different monster.
As you all know, I am a big animal welfare activist , which is why I offer an amazing line of vegan friendly and eco sustainable products only.
But like any other woman, deep deep in my heart lies the hope that I would lose weight. This year in particular, I need to lose weight to prepare myself for a trip.

Part of my upcoming trip to Chile will actually include a visit the small town of Uyuni in the neighbor country of Bolivia.

Bolivia is so high in elevation (11.995 ft above mean sea level) that the last time I tried to go there both my ears exploded and I spent the rest of my trip partially deaf.

Uyuni Salt Flats is top one in my bucket list, I have wished I could go for years and therefore I want to make the most out of the trip.
I am hoping that not only the weather would cooperate with me, but also that I can endure it, because this time, even if my entire body burst, I will get there and take a gazillion pictures that will be available to purchase right here in my website in a store I am putting up together :)

So now tell me:

What is on your bucket list

? ? ?