Rabbit Campaign Update

DISCLAIMER: The women portrayed in the images related to this campaign is NOT Anne Imhof.
Her name is OLGA PEDAN, a different animal abuser, and artist wannabe, who threaten to sue me for displaying wrong information and demanded me to delete this blog. 
Here you go Miss Pedan, I have cleared out the confusion. My apologies.


Thank you - GRACIAS - Thank you

to everybody who has been concerned over the show with the rabbits in New York.  

(If you don't know what I'm talking about read the previous blog

I created an online petition that so far has gathered almost 2000 signatures from all over the world and has been shared over 1700 times on facebook!


I also contacted Peta, Volkswagen and The Museum of Modern Art.

At this point, only PETA has
acknowledged the email.
I've heard there are other petitions about it, as well as people lobbying for it, but so far its only a rumor.

I looked at @themuseumofmodernart Instagram, and the pictures from the show are on their feeds, as well as the images from people who has gone to see the show.... with many many likes (ugh).

So, What's next?


As you can see, the number of likes for this show is far more than the number of signatures we have gathered. We have done a GREAT job, but is not enough, we still need to do more.

  1. The more we share, the more chances of being seen and heard we have.
  2. Use hash tags when you spread the word. That way our chances of targeting MoMA and the "artist" grow.
    #boycottMOMA #boycottVOLKSWAGEN #boycottANNEIMHOF
  3. And most importantly: USE YOUR CONSUMER POWER TO BOYCOTT SUPPORTERS of ANIMAL CRUELTY, not just now, but always.

together we can make a difference !!!

  • Where is this happening?
    At the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, USA
  • When is this happening?
    NOW! and until January 31st

What else can be done about it?
Write to the ASPCA
Write an email to the mayor
Write to PETA

Write a complaint to Volkswagen: jeannine.ginivan@vw.com
Complaint to MoMA and MoMAPS1: Mail_ps1@moma.org
Write Anne Imhof against her show named DEAL
Write to the newspapers, tv stations, magazines, radios, share it on animal right websites, facebook groups, twitter, instagram, podcast, Reddit, Pinterest, etc.

This is Sandrachile and Choco - RIP

This is Sandrachile and Choco - RIP

Remember, I am #Sandrachile,  only a small Photographer in Johnstown PA (USA), who is concerned about something that seems unfair. 
I created this because I am totally involved with making a difference in those who are voiceless and I have a special interest in rabbits because I know how wonderful they are.
I have no affiliation to anybody nor help doing this, Is just me and my social media bombing, that's all :)