Animal Cruelty masked as "art"

Remember that saying that "everything happens for a reason"?... 

Yesterday after an afternoon taking pictures in the woods I sprained my ankle and today I had to stay in bed.
While in bed I came across the horrendous news that the Museum of Modern Art in New York was presenting an exhibition from an "artist" (< debatable title) from Germany called Anne Imhof.

Miss Imhof thinks is art to put 4 rabbits in an small acrylic enclosure while 3 dancers trot around drinking buttermilk and bang a bunch of metal rods against the walls and onto the floor.

Needless to say the acrylic enclosure is small, lacks of air, has no food, water, hay or littler box.

  1. I am also an artist, and I have no idea what is artistic about her performance.
  2. Why, How!? is this legal in the same city where selling rabbits at the pet store was just banned.
  3. MoMA: WTH?! How can you sponsor this S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y. (and the same question goes out for Volkswagen, the main sponsor).

But that is not all!
All of this ugly Torturers labeled as "artist" endorse the consumption of rabbit meat (yes! rabbit, the third most popular pet in the world, right after dogs and cats), right there at MoMA's cafe altogether with Foie Gras, another atrocity level 100.

So what has this to do with Sandrachile the Johnstown Photographer...
this is totally unrelated, but I created an online petition to stop this craziness and I am urging you to sign it 

(and you can also hire me to take pictures... just sayin')

Please tell MoMA to suspend the show of Anne Imhof !!

Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King's day, the guy that told us to never stop caring about what is important, and although this has nothing to do with my pictures, it's something important that I really don't want to overlook.

As an animal lover, animal rights advocate, vegan photographer, rabbit lover and  human witnessing something unfair I urge you to stand up on behalf of those who have no voice!!

DISCLAIMER: The women portrayed in the images above is NOT Anne Imhof. Her name is OLGA PEDAN, a different animal abuser, and artist wannabe, who threaten to sue me for displaying wrong information and demanded me to delete this blog. 
Here you go Miss Pedan, I have cleared out the confusion. My apologies.