Adios 2014 & Hello 2015!

For Americans, thanksgiving is the time of the year they give thanks and show a grateful spirit, for South Americans like me, new years is when we do that.
We look back and thank God for allowing us to live a year of ups and downs, and then we party to celebrate the year ahead of us.


THANK YOU for a year full of new friendships and pictures!


New year's resolution

I have always been respectful of the environment, and have had respect for animals. I have been vegetarian since I was 14 , but this year my first new year's resolution will take things a little further.
First, I have taken the pledge for VEGANUARY and I will go fully vegan for the month of January (which is a hard task when you live in a small town like Johnstown).

What does this have to do with pictures and photography?
— in case you are wondering...

H E L L O   2015!!

During 2015, Sandrachile photography will go


... and 200% 'Murican (with the exception of my Chilean self)

This means that from now on, I will only offer products that fulfill these standards, so you can rest assured that the beautiful memories you are displaying in your walls are being fully handmade in America, are NOT destroying the planet and are made respecting animals.



I encourage you to take the pledge with me.
You might not want to compromise your eating habits, but even a better choice into the right direction will make the difference in the life of an animal.

  • Prefer animal friendly companies: Did you know that Valewood Farms (unlike Gallik...ahem)  is CERTIFIED COW FRIENDLY ?
  • Check your make up bag: How many of your beauty essentials have been applied to bunny faces?. Compromise in buying beauty essentials that explicitly say "NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS"

  • Take a stand for your health: QUIT SMOKING. Don't let such a tiny object rule your life!
    Do not hand out your hard earned money to companies that use that same money to test the cigarettes on beagle dogs and kittens!

  • Go green (and save money): prefer cleaning with home made products instead of store bought. They are safer and cheaper anyway.

  • Dress cruelty free: DON'T WEAR FUR (any), ANGORA, CASHMERE or LEATHER. You look fat in all of those anyway.
The godly care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel.
— The Bible, Proverbs 12:10 (new living translation)