Yingle yingle...

It is already December 10th, and I swear it was just yesterday when I was stuffing my face with Mashed potato and pumpkins. I blinked and is almost christmas.

I know all of you are probably very excited about that, yet I must be the Grinch that admits it... yeah, I hate Christmas. 

All right, before you start hating me let me remind you (again) that I'm foreign, and any holiday is hard when your friends and family are far away, It is also extra hard when the traditions, the food, the weather, the smells, the gifts, the beliefs and actually everything are so drastically different than mines.

Growing up, I  only believed in Santa until I was 5.
Most of my childhood I knew that my present (notice there is no "s" at the end) came from my parents extra sacrifice to buy it, from their over time hours and from their sincere generosity. There were no video games, no expensive items, and no abundance of anything. 

With all that said, there is one time of the year where it is like Christmas to me, and is the time when I go to Chile. 

Last year I didn't get to go. Thanks to a photography contest prize, I went to Costa Rica, but now I got blessed with a ticket to Chile and Sandra will get to visit her loved ones during  2015. WOOT WOOT!

But don't think is all fun and games.  Unlike any other time, during this visit I will also have the chance to photograph a couple of weddings in Santiago de Chile, and I am beyond excited :D

In the meantime, continue to enjoy the overload of Santa, the hectic-ness, the cold, and the gazillion delicious things that the end of the year holidays offer us everywhere we look around.