November baby

As we say good bye to November, there is a infinite number of feelings and thoughts piling up in my head.

November was the month in which I marked my official first year doing photography, something I feel tremendously grateful for, as I have never felt more fulfilled before.

For many of you, November is the official launch of "family" season. Between November and December you will for sure gather with all or a part of your family to celebrate a holiday, which is almost always a good thing.... right?

November is THE month in which our minds get extra thankful, and we purposely are more sensitive to this subject.

Meanwhile I will meet with pumpkin rolls with lots of cheescake icing, hmmm..


November is the official launch of the  "I'm cold" season, and Johnstown already saw its first snow.

Davidsville: Winter vs Summer

As of myself, I am thankful to have photographed Xavier .
I had the pleasure to share the news that his mommy is pregnant. This was particularly heart touching. Xavier mom's has had two still birth babies and this third one is the opportunity of new hope for her and her family and I feel genuinely special and inspired when you make me a part of special moments like these.

I also photographed Jerry, and I discovered the world of Senior photography.

I had the opportunity photograph  a family who was saying farewell to their nephew,  leaving to be enrolled in the army.

And I also had the pleasure to meet a couple new friends through a Christmas mini session that could have honestly worked out better, but thanks to the Johnstown unpredictable weather had to be canceled at the last minute when it decided to rain on us, my camera and wet my props... ugh.

Thank you to all of you have given me happiness and who have shared special occasions and moments who have truly impacted my life.

Now lets get ready for the cold (which can be easily warmed up by a delicious hot cocoa).