Bronze Locket, an special new product, for special people like you.

I see, each of you clients, as wonderful and amazing people that enable me to do something I truly love.


Because of that, I strive to provide a service that more than a service is a fun memorable experience that often leads to a friendship.
I put my biggest effort into offering products that will show how truly special you each are to me, and how grateful I am to be allowed the opportunity of creating a memory for you.

In the search of beautiful one of a kind experience, I am proud to announce a one of a kind new treasure.
Let me introduce you to the beautiful Bronze locket.

This beautiful jewelry will not only be the perfect way to bring a memory close to your heart, but its something you can easily treasure and pass down  to the most beloved people in your life.


Designed and fully hand made in America, this bronze locket, brings you closer to your memories and support small businesses across the country.


This beautifully handcrafted item will be offered at an introductory price of $80
(normal price $120)