Hola Johnstown: the story of how I ended up here


Everyone is always very curious of how I ended up in Johnstown.
A lot of people still think that all latino immigrants sneak across the border, or that we come here because we hate our countries where there is no freedom and we are poor.
My story is different. I was totally fine in Chile. I loved my country, but suddenly I had another love.


I was 18 years old and my roommate's mom was an English/Spanish tutor. She would often ask us to bring flyer's to local hotels and to leave them at the reception. That day we were bored, so we stopped at a couple to talk to their reception people and see if we could leave some flyers there.
The reception desk of this one hotel had a lounge area where I decided to seat down. Suddenly a group of "gringos" walked in.
I saw that one in particular was very drunk, and I suggested him to go in the bedroom rather than staying there.
The gringo was Nick, part of a platoon who's ship had sunk by the shore the day before.
Nick and his Marine friends grabbed one of those flyers and called my friend and I to go on a date. That is when everything started.

For the next 2 months we party like only Chileans know, probably too much for the shy kid from Hooversville.
But it was the most fun time in our lives.

When he left he promised to go back to see me, and then we lost contact.
Two years went by before we talked again. By then, the internet had developed a lot more and we would email each other back and forth.
When he came to visit me,  weimmediately fell in love, and as soon as I finished college I jumped on an airplane with destination to Western Pennsylvania.
I arrived to'Muricah on July 10th 2006 and we got married in a justice of the peace ceremony October, 14th 2006.

I have lived here ever since :-)

A few pictures from 2000... Way back when...