For English press #1

All of you know that I was born and raised in Chile.
What not a lot of people knows is that I was never formally trained in English. I can speak fairly decent, but my English grammar SUCKS! and I'm really self conscious about it.

[ those who consider
themselves "grammar police",
and please don't give me a ticket.]

What nobody in America knows is that I have been for years a Story Teller and I write.
When I moved to live here I had a blog in Spanish with around 6k followers in which I wrote about the adventures of a Chilean immigrating to "Gringoland" (that was the actual title).
I used to write about the many challenges I found in my new life, and I would take pictures for that blog as well. (That was where photography bloomed for me).

Since my English is bad, I have never wrote in English, but I'm going to change that as of NOW.
I believe my broken English defines part of who I am, and therefore I should embrace it rather than avoid it.

So cheers to that, Salud! and Welcome to my Musings