I believe every couple is different, and deserves a custom experience, so unlike other photographers, I charge per hour offering coverage based on your needs. 

[Take a look at this timeline from a real wedding to get an idea of how the day goes.
Keep in mind that if your wedding is at multiple locations you will need more time.] 

“In a world where terrible things happen, be someone who helps wonderful things happen.”
Brad Montague. Creator of President Kid

And for those who hire me for 6 hours or more, and are willing to embrace a more ethical approach …


Donation to charity

Donate $100 to any charity of your choice and get $100 off


Food x homeless

Donate the leftovers to be distributed among local homeless and get $100 off

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Plastic Free

Get rid of the straws,cups,stirrers, utensils,balloons,flatware or plastic gifts;and BAM!$100off


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