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The key to great pictures is to know who you are and what you like.
This form will help me to create an amazing experience that fits you perfectly.
Have fun while you fill in the blanks, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions along the way! :D

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I want to know the details of your love story. For example, My husband and I met in Chile (that's basically the story), the details however change everything!. Nick was in the marine corps, traveled to South America in a ship for a military expedition. When the ship got to my hometown it sunk and we met the first night he had to stay at a hotel. He was falling asleep in the lobby and I told him to go to his room because he could get mugged, him instead, thought I wanted to rob him and got all upset... and now we are married, lol. See? the details make the story so much better!, now tell me your love story with some of those details.
Who proposed? * *
Tell me a little about you guys as a couple. Would you say that you are.... *
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When it comes pictures, are you more attracted to the idea of... *
Example: My husband likes cooking, and I like eating (perfect complement!)
Example: Nick & I are ... odd.
Do you have pets?
Example: I have an eye twitch that makes it hard for me to photograph me with my eyes open.
Are you planning on using the engagement/bridal portrait images for anything special? *
(so that I can photograph accordingly)
Are you planning on using a particular dress/costume/theme during your session? *
Ex: We want a Sailor Moon engagement session,