Lady Dynamite | In Home Family Session, Long Island New York

Did you have a nickname growing up? I did. 
I have no idea why or where it came from, but my nickname was Beba. Not very creative but it means baby girl.
Nikola was named after Nikola Tesla, but her dad gave her a powerful nickname that I love: Lady Dynamite. 
For such a tiny little thing, I love how LD sets her for success, to be a lady, but explosive, to cause a disruption wherever she sets foot, bam!

Nikola was a very expected baby, as she arrived after a long battle of infertility, via IVF.
Because of this, it was important to depict the mom being a mom, performing a simple task, that for years she wanted but couldn't. 

LD's little chubby legs, and dimples melt everyone hearts, and I wanted to show her how her parents cared for her, once she grows up :)