When things in the world are going horrifyingly wrong, it can be overwhelming to know exactly how to make the most impact. We cannot always donate the amounts we would love to, and calling representatives does not always feel like enough.

In the wise words of fellow photographer Charmi Patel Peña,

“All you can give is the skill set you have”.
Charmi Patel Peña

Thus, the Families Belong Together Sessions were born.

These are a series of portrait sessions from photographers all across the country to benefit the ACLU and their efforts to end the internment of immigrants and their separation from their children.
We aim to help as much as possible but cannot achieve our goals alone.

Whether your family consists of children, a partner, furry children, the family you were born into or the one you have created for yourself, your significant other, kids or no kids. All are welcome to create pictures together.

About the sessions:

  • The sessions I am offering are oriented towards families. Any definition of family is accepted wether that be with children, pets, a partner, or chosen family.
  • There is a limit of 7 family members per session total. More members will require a secondary slot of time.
  • Sessions will last 30 minutes and will take place between July 4th through August 30th, at Mellon Garden in Pittsburgh. (Donation must be done by July 30th).
  • How much? $150
  • In exchange, you will receive 15 digital images through a download link. 
  • If you are not in Pittsburgh, you can find a photographer in other places thorough the following directory

How to book a session:

Donate $150 though the green button 

Then fill the form below:

(You will be required to forward the receipt for the donation via email)

Name *
What's your cell? (I will text you)
What's your cell? (I will text you)
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Pick up a date
If you have children, select a time where your children are most awake and least "hangry".