Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.
Winnie The Pooh


My family sessions are primarily focused on families composed by couples. This might be a couple with their pets, or a couple with their children, or even a couple with friends who live under the same roof.

The sessions are also “unorthodox” because unlike the typical group of people posing at a park, I believe it is our every day what makes us family, and I want to capture that. 

I focus on unposed and candid moments, primarily where the family dynamic takes place, so all my family sessions always takes place in your own home.


** $350 + TAX for 90 minute and 35 digital files.

**There is a limit on the number of family members, but only because more family members require more time to photograph them. And more time requires more money.

Recommendations for Family Pictures

  • Plan to do an activity the day of the session.
    Bake, cook, read the children’s a book, play with water outside in the summer, do gardening, etc.
    Having your family’s attention directed to a specific activity is CRUCIAL for the success of the session.

  • Coordinate outfits.
    Note that I said “coordinate” NOT match.
    This means that if your family session is to celebrate Christmas, coordinate everybody’s outfits to the color palette of the season (reds, greens, gold, silver).

  • Everybody should be using one these colors NOT the same color.
    (Examples below taken from Google, as I didn’t want to put anyone on the spot)


Good Example

Bad Example

  • The day of the session, open all curtains and blinds on the windows to get as much natural light as possible.

  • Clear main tables from clutter.

  • Hide shoes and coats away from main access areas.