I do things differently

“In a world where terrible things happen, be someone who helps wonderful things happen.”

I offer an ethical approach to wedding and couple photography services, committed to inspire couples to make the conscious decision of walking into marriage with an attitude of gratitude, giving a little something back, taking care of the planet and creating social impact. 

I not only offer an entire line of printed products that are sustainable, responsible, and eco - friendly; but I also offer upgrades in exchange to donations to charity, and I engage proactively with opportunities to use weddings to impact the community, like delivering leftovers from the wedding to homeless people (pictures below), bringing flowers to senior centers, and connecting couples with other vendors who are giving back.

Although I live most of the year in Pittsburgh PA, in the north east of USA, I travel all over the world documenting couples who are willing to embrace their wedding day in a more ethical and intentional way. 

So far I have worked in NYC, California, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, Croatia, Miami, and Hungary; and I am excited to meet couples in other places, willing to change the most wasteful and vain industry into a movement to empower others.