Before the wedding

I don't like calling engagement sessions engagement sessions, so I call them "Pre Wedding sessions" instead.
I think the concept of "engagement session" puts too much pressure on the couple, and I like the option of having a photoshoot before the wedding as a "practice", but also an opportunity to know what your love and relationship looks like through my lens.


How Does it Work: The Logistics

I'm a vendor who works a little different than most others, more of a go with the flow type of person, and my services reflect that approach.

My "Pre-Wedding Sessions" are not based on time. I feel that being in front of a camera can be a nerve-wracking experience that might take more time to some and less time to others, and as my commitment to respect individuality, I make myself available without time constraints. 

In general, most sessions last around 2 hours, but I've had opportunities in which we have extended for up to 3 hours and multiple locations.

This can work for your advantage because it means that we can walk around, stop for tacos, dance in the middle of the street, visit multiple places, and all of that would be okay. Whether it takes one hour or three. 

As a result, you will obtain a minimum of 40 images that you'll be able to download from a gallery that also functions as a store for prints.

In regards of date, engagement sessions always take place on sundays or weekdays but never on saturdays (because I have weddings that day).
They also always take place at the same time of the day because of the light: before Sunset or right after Sunrise.

When the sessions take place on a populated area, where tends to be crowded (like in the city) sessions are always take place in the morning around sunrise. This is the only way to avoid the crowd.

When the sessions take place inn less crowded areas like the countryside, they can take place in the evening around sunset instead.

As a general rule, I am not a fan of props. While Pinterest always suggest signs, or little things to include, my goal as a photographer is to document what your love feels like, and what your relationship looks likes, so I prefer a more natural approach called "life style" which focuses on you two, and not so much on other items, locations, or even people. 
The success of the session, will depend on the connection between you and how much I am able to connect with that intimacy, so the best tool for me is to get to know you. This is why I always ask couples to fill THIS form, even before start planning.

When it comes to outfits, I have a VERY simple rule: Wear what makes you happy. 
I believe happy people always look their best, but if you need help styling yourself, I wrote a blog about it.
Find it HERE.


How to book my services: Contract + Payment

If the above sounds good to you and you want to move forward and hire my services, I will require you to sign a contract, and submit the full payment ($400) upfront. 
If you need help paying the session, I can divide the total amount in 2 payments at your request: the first at the time of booking, and the second payment the day of the session in cash.

Once these two are submitted, you have officially booked my services, and have scheduled the date.

If the weather gets between us, we will communicate the need to reschedule ahead. I usually roll with whatever happens (rain or shine), unless your safety is compromised. Safety always comes first.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch to ask