2+ weddings


Not all weddings are the same. Some people is lucky to have all their relatively near so they have one wedding. Others (like myself) don't, and instead of trying to bring everyone together, they have multiple weddings.
If you are one of those people, I get you. This is for you:

Multiple weddings

A special pricing to encourage people to bring me along both celebrations:

$1800 per wedding + intl airfare + 2 nights of hotel.

For this price you will obtain 6 hours of coverage per wedding, and an online gallery to download your pictures from anywhere in the world. 

Examples of wedding:
Elopement in Greece, and a reception in Miami.
Wedding in Pittsburgh, 2nd wedding in Vietnam.
Wedding in NJ and Wedding in China.
Elopement in Pittsburgh, wedding in Miami, Wedding in Brazil.

  • What can you do with 6 hours of coverage?
    Hour 1↠ Getting ready.
    Hour 2↠ First look and bridal party pictures.
    Hour 3↠ Ceremony.
    Hour 4↠ Family pictures and portraits.
    Hour 5↠ Dinner.
    Hour 6↠ Reception coverage.
  • What if I need more coverage?
    I offer a series of upgrades that you can add to this offer. This is just a starting point. You can either stay with it, or make this package better. 
  • What is the average cost that most couples spend?
    The average couple spends around $5000. 
  • What are the available upgrades?

2nd Photographer : $500
A second photographer to capture the moments from a different perspective (or as a backup).

Additional hour: $400 - $1500
When 6 hours are not enough, you can add extra hours for $400 per hour. However, for a flat rate of $1500 you can extend to a full day coverage.

Pre Wedding Session: $400
Also known as Engagement session, is the perfect opportunity to ease your nerves and learn the best angles for your wedding day.
No time restrictions, outfits or locations. 
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Album: $1000
Print your memories on a beautiful 10x10 heirloom book. 
Certified to last till you have grandkids.

Upgrade to USB: $200
All weddings are delivered via download gallery, but you can upgrade to a keepsake box for $200.
The box contains the usb in an artisan made box + 3 keepsakes of your wedding day.