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Having a robust and recognizable brand identity is essential for distinguishing yourself from the competition, and reaching out to your target audience on a subtle, subconscious level.

  • What is the personality of your brand?
  • Who are you as a business?
  • How to define your niche?
  • How are you compared to your competition? 

These are all questions I can help you answer and work, for an effective branding strategy.


My approach in 3 words:



Services to help you improve 



Pick my brain.
Let's meet for coffee (or via skype with a tea on hand) to talk business stuff. You'll have 90 minutes to ask me anything, all my secrets will be out.



Brand Audit

A thorough examination of a brand's current position in the market compared to its competitors and a review of its effectiveness.
The brand audit is an ideal tool to determine the strength and weaknesses, inconsistencies and opportunities, for your business developement. In other words, checking the engine of your brand before moves forward.


Brand Identity Overview

Successful brands manage to project a positive and coherent image into the minds of their consumers.
What does your business does and does well?, who are you as a company?, what impact is your business seeking to make beyond money?, how is your business in relation to your clients?, what values does your business has that overlap with your customer’s?, and what is the aspirational self image that you want between your business and it's clients?.
All the answers to this questions need to be carefully intertwined and aligned so that each contributes to establishing and maintaining the essence of your business.

In 6 consecutive 2 hour meetings I will help you discover these answers to create a more consistent marketing strategy.

In each meeting we will analyze who you are and how does that align with your business. It'll be fun :)

$200 x meeting
$900 for 6 meetings. 


In today's culture, there is only one thing that will differentiate you from your competition: YOU!.
Creating imagery that can consistently show who you are can be a powerful marketing element that I will help you create.

Two hour photo session will give you 20 to 25 images to use.
You can use props and or different outfits. 
You will have digital rights to use your images freely on web, and credit will be reciprocated (you tag me, I tag you. You don't tag me, I won't tag you).
Images are high resolution, delivered via download link within 3 weeks of the session.


Individual session $400

Bundle session $200
*It must be booked in packages of 3, 6, or 12 sessions.



Website review

Behind are the days in which we could throw a few things in HTML and be done with it, now websites need to be mobile friendly, have a perfect synchrony between layout and functionality, and be SEO compatible. And on top of that, they need to keep the visitor interested in your service or product.
Together we will analyze your website and find practical ways to improve it for conversion.


Content Creation

This is the perfect alternative for those with little time, or less instagram knowledge. 

15 commercial images
25 pictures total to bulk up your feed and make it look cohesive to your brand. 
(The perfect add on to your photo session, a perfect tool for ambassadors).


** Save 10% when booking more than one service**

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