1. Chile is NOT cheap.

There is this misconception that Latin American countries are cheap, and they can be, but not Chile.

Chile has some cheap things, like good wine and affordable Uber rides, but overall, it can be as expensive as NYC or London.

Recently, I organized the itinerary of one of my couples who will be eloping next November, and I figured I would share the cost of their trip with you so you can have an idea:

Example Itinerary

2024 - Chile

DAY 0: Departure from your city to a connecting international flight to Chile.

I suggest a non-stop flight from Miami to Santiago which can be around $500 USD each 

(Approximately total cost of $1200 USD with 1 luggage)

DAY 1: Arrival to Santiago

I suggest you spend the day there, at the hotel at the airport, because even though there are slightly cheaper options in the city, transportation would be expensive.

>Accommodations: at Santiago’s airport x 1 night   Suggested hotel 

(Approximately total cost of $150 USD)

DAY 2: Early flight into Puerto Natales 

>Accommodations: Natales x 1 night  (Approximately total cost of $100 USD)

DAY 3: Love Ritual ❤️ $7000

Starting at your hotel in Natales, and dropping you off at Central.

> Accommodations:  equipped tent at Central (2 NIGHTS)

Equipped Tent [Includes: Tent, sleeping bag, high-density foam mat, pillow, and welcome drink].

$110 x person, x night. (Approximately total cost of $500)

DAY 4: Base Torres Hike for the day

(Approximately total cost of $200)

Hike Up and Down to Mirador Base Torres 

>Accommodations: Same as the previous night - Central

DAY 5:

8 am: At Centro de Bienvenida (map), you must take a 15-minute shuttle heading to Laguna Amarga (map) [$4.000 x person, Pay on the bus directly] (Approximately total cost of $12 USD)

At Laguna Amarga (map), you take a second bus (Bus Sur) heading to Pudeto (map) [$10.000 x person, Pay on the bus directly]. (Approximately total cost of $30 USD)

At Pudeto (map) you hop off the bus and hop on the Catamaran [$30.000 x person, no reservation needed].

(Approximately total cost of $50)

The catamaran takes you to Paine Grande (map)

Once you arrive at Paine Grande you have a 3-hour hike to Camping Refugio Grey

> Accommodations: Lodge Grey $100 x person 3 nights needed

(Approximately total cost of $600)

DAY 6:

8 am Ice Hike (5 hours total, returning approx at 1pm)

Tour operator

(Approximately total cost of $400)

DAY 7:

Morning: (Depending on tour operator) Kayak through Serrano

Afternoon: Visit Frances Valley

>Accommodations: Same as the previous night - Grey

DAY 8:

Morning: Return to Natales via bus

(Approximately total cost of $40 USD)

Afternoon: Estancia Experience in Natales Tour operator

(Approximately total cost of $500 USD)

>Accommodations:  Natales x 2 nights |

DAY 9:

AM: Laguna Sofía map + Hike Cerro Benitez map + Cueva Milodon map

(Approximately total cost of $30 USD)

>Accommodations: Same as the previous night - Natales

>Transportation arrangements needed for visiting Laguna Sofia, both ways 


AM Departure to Punta Arenas by bus at the terminal (Approximately total cost of  $40 USD)

PM Potential tour to see the penguins (Approximately total cost of $200)

> Book sleeping arrangements in Punta Arenas for 1 night | Suggested hotel

(Approximately total cost of $150 USD)

DAY 11:

Departure from Punta Arenas to Santiago via airplane | 

(Approximately total cost of $200 USD)

Here you can include a day or 2 in Santiago, a tour of a vineyard, or a trip to the coast. 

Or simply you can depart that same night back home.

Not included here: 

  • Meals : The average price of a restaurant meal in Chile is $30 per person per meal to $100 for a dinner at a bougie place.
  • Some transportation, you can check rates on Uber.
  • Additional activities.